Dr. Taewon Suh Receives the 2019 Woods Research Award

Dr. Taewon Suh, an associate professor in the Marketing Department at Texas State, has received the 2019 Gary V. Woods Research Award. The Woods Award winner is chosen from among all tenured and tenure-track faculty and is based on scholarly performance over the course of three years. It is his second time to receive the award: his first was in 2007. He has also won external research awards such as 2017 Best Conference Paper at the American Advertising Academy,2016 Highly Commended Paper Award from the Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 2008 Winter Best Conference Paper at the American Marketing Association, and 2005 Best Author Award at the Journal of American Academy of Business.

In the last three years, Dr. Suh has published numerous research articles (mostly in the A and B+categories) in journals such as Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, Electronic Commerce Research, International Journal of Advertising, and Journal of Product and Brand Management. Particularly, he sole-authored an article in Industrial Marketing Management.

Dr. Suh is transdisciplinary in research. He has conducted research in Marketing and the relevant discipline areas such as Entrepreneurship, Industrial Design, International Business, Media, and Technology and Innovation Management. Notably, he has a strong vision in bridging the gap between theory and practice. He is avidly working with several startup companies and incubators in the US, Europe, and Asia, together with more than 200 young entrepreneurs and innovators in Entrepreneurial Innovators Group (EIG) that he founded in 2010. In most of his current research projects,he adopts data-driven scientific approach using the big data generated from his collaborations with practitioners.